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Louise Diamond Photo

Louise Diamond

Louise has lived many lives in her 60+ span of years. She has been a teacher, therapist, organizational consultant and trainer, healing practitioner, minister, filmmaker, professional peacebuilder, and author.  She has worked with individuals, couples, families, organizations, communities, and nations.  She has four academic degrees, including a Ph.D. in Peace Studies, and has written four books and innumerable columns and articles.  She loves theater, literature, and comedy.

She has worked in war zones all over the world, as well as with troubled youth and the terminally ill.  She is a cancer survivor three times over, since 1973.  She has midwifed births and attended deaths.  She has a deep spiritual practice rooted in Native American and Tibetan Buddhist wisdom, with a good dollop of Christian, Jewish, and Sufi teachings as well.

The greatest joy of her life is her family – her daughter and god-daughter and five grandchildren.  Also her cat and her dog.  She lives in the beautiful green mountains of Vermont, and has recently started wintering in the high desert of New Mexico.  Every day she is grateful for the many blessings in her life. She lives to love and to serve the Spirit of Peace.


Chuck Doleac PhotoCharles B. Doleac

Attorney Charles Doleac is senior partner with the Portsmouth firm of Boynton, Waldron, Doleac, Woodman and Scott and leads seminars on professional ethical code. As an Aspen Institute moderator, he led seminars on leadership, ethics and East/West comparative cultures. He is the founder and President of the Japan-America Society of New Hampshire and founder/moderator of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forum that encourages the study of the Portsmouth Peace Treaty and its meaning for modern diplomacy. In 2005 Mr. Doleac received the Foreign Minister of Japan's Citation for his "outstanding contributions to international understanding." The award recognized the four Portsmouth Peace Treaty Forum seminars (for which he also earned the Japan Society of Boston's 2002 Henry E. Thayer Award), his creation of the website, and his work as author of the An Uncommon Commitment to Peace: Portsmouth Peace Treaty 1905, and related exhibits.


Anne Gordon PerryAnne Gordon Perry

Anne has a PhD in Aesthetic Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas.  She teaches Creative Writing, Humanities, and Film Appreciation at the Art Institute of Dallas.  The primary author of "Green Acre on the Piscataqua," Anne has been engaged with historical research and re-enactments for several decades.  In 2005 she performed in the NH Chataqua series, related to the Portsmouth Peace Treaty.


Judy Huenneke Judy Huenneke

Judy holds degrees in library science and history from Rutgers University and the University of Massachusetts.  She has been active in the archives and records management professions for over two decades.  For a number of years she has worked with the historical records of the Christian Science movement as well as the special collections relating to the church’s founder, Mary Baker Eddy.  Currently she is Senior Research Archivist at The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston.


Marina Naumann PhotoMarina Turkevich Naumann

Marina, although born in Princeton, NJ, is 100% Russian-blooded. Her four grandparents (with two great grandparents) came to the States early in the 1900s when Tsar Nicholas II sent her grandfather-priests, and their ordained older brothers, to join the Russian Orthodox mission in America. Marina received an A.B. in Political Science (Russian area) from Wellesley College in 1960. Following her marriage to Robert Naumann, a professor of chemistry and physics at Princeton, and once their two children were safely in school, she earned a Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Pennsylvania. Over the decades she taught Russian at Brown and Rutgers Universities and European Literatures at Princeton. In 1992 she retired with her husband and cat to Norwich, Vermont. Since then she has been a Visiting Scholar at nearby Dartmouth College. Marina has authored some 20 book reviews and research articles in international scholarly journals. Her book-length literary criticism, Blue Evenings in Berlin: Nabokov’s Short Stories of the 1920s, was published in 1978 by New York University Press. She and her husband, who had usually spent their academic sabbaticals studying abroad, are now carefree globetrotters. Together they have visited splendid places, experienced wondrous moments and best of all, worshipped in exquisite Orthodox Christian churches the world over.

David Smock PhotoDavid R. Smock

David is the vice president of the United States Institute for Peace's Center for Mediation and Conflict Resolution and associate vice president of the Religion and Peacemaking program, one of the Centers of Innovation. Previously he served as director of the USIP's Grant program and coordinator of Africa activities.
He has worked on African issues for over thirty years and lived in Africa for eleven years. As a staff member of the Ford Foundation from 1964 to 1980, he served in Ghana, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, and New York.
From 1980 to 1986, Smock served concurrently as director of the South African Education Program, a scholarship program that brings black South African students to U.S. universities; and vice president for program development and research for the Institute of International Education. After serving as executive associate to the president of the United Church of Christ from 1986 to 1989, Smock became executive director of International Voluntary Services, supervising development projects in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
He received an M.Div. from New York Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in anthropology from Cornell University.

Don Alusic PhotoDon Alusic, Director

Don has been interested in the effect of spirituality and religion have on world events since the 1980s. He has developed a number of hidden talents such as photography, writing, and web design, especially since September 11, 2001. These interests merged in developing this documentary. In addition he recorded and produced several DVDs of the 2005 100th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty of Portsmouth religious/spiritual events.

Earlier he had spent 35 years in the computer industry doing marketing and program management. He worked on many product launch events and developed ideas into sales-generating marketing programs within budgets and concrete deliverables. He especially enjoyed developing content and working as a team on these projects.


Dan Wolaver PhotoDan Wolaver, Narrator

Dan is a retired engineer and teacher of electronics.  His hobbies include a cappella singing, playing bass in a jazz group, and cabinet making.


Pontine Theatre PhotoM. Marguerite Mathews, Voices

Marguerite Mathews, founder and co-artistic director of Pontine Theatre, holds a degree in theatre from Michigan State University. She studied with the great French actor, Etienne Decroux, at his L'Ecole du Mime Corporeal in Paris, France. She also worked with Thomas Leabhart at the University of Arkansas and at the Valley Studio in Spring Green WI. She has served on the board of the National Movement Theatre Association and as editor of the Movement Theatre Quarterly. Ms. Mathews served two 3-year terms as a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts and is an onsite reporter for the endowment. She recently completed a second term as a theatre panelist for the Massachusetts Cultural Council. In 2002, Ms. Mathews was named New Hampshire's Artist Laureate.

Gregory Gathers, Voices

Gregory Gathers, co-artistic director of Pontine Theatre, holds a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. He has been designing and constructing Pontine's costumes, sets, and props since 1982, and has collaborated with Ms. Mathews on the development and performance of Pontine's work since 1984. Mr. Gathers is an on-site reporter for the National Endowment for the Arts. He has served as design director for the Movement Theatre Quarterly and as chair of the Individual Artists Advisory Committee at the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts. In 2003, Mr. Gathers was commissioned to design and create the Community Spirit Award for the Governor's 2003 Arts Award program


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